Digiscoping Adapter by GLASSITUP

GLASSITUP Target Assist App

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 The GLASSITUP target assist app is designed to track the order and grouping of shots on paper targets. It has been tested to work with small to large caliber ammunition, pellets, and BBs at distances from 3 to 50 yards. Longer distances may extend out to as much as 100 yards under ideal conditions and with premium optics. When combined with GLASSITUP (or other smartphone digiscoping adapters) and your preferred optics, this app provides a unique view of your target, a valuable histogram of your shots, and extends the useful life of every target you purchase.

Features include:

  • Multiple caliber category selection
  • Grouping size selection
  • Up to 5 times digital zoom
  • Image and full session capture as .JPEG files for future comparison and sharing

IMPORTANT: GLASSITUP is a target assist app that is affected by a wide range of performance variables. Using the app will provide several valuable benefits that will improve a shooters experience. However, occasional false or missed marks may occur due to your environment and setup. Be sure to follow the steps below to reduce false or missed marks as much as possible.

Helpful Hints: 

  • Secure your target from edge to edge
  • Use optics appropriate to the distance
  • Frame your target edge to edge within the phone view screen
  • Place optics tripod securely such as to avoid the effects of wind or concussive vibration
  • Carefully focus your optics
  • Choose the correct caliber category in the settings menu
  • Larger caliber shots are less likely to have false or missed marks
  • Pellets and BBs are at higher risk of false or missed marks
  • Use a gentle touch when activating the camera between shots
  • Use a Bluetooth remote for a more stable result
  • Avoid dim lighting
  • Great with plain paper and splatter targets
  • Use of plain paper targets with large black spaces may increase false or missed marks